Welcome to Vesper Ball Pythons, where you will find some of the highest quality Ball Pythons available on the market today. We feel we can make this claim for two reasons: first, we chose our original breeding stock, way back in the 1980’s, from the best of the Ball Pythons being imported from Africa to the Port of Miami through Strictly Reptiles; and second, our commitment to the care and health of our animals year after year is unparalleled.

By holding back the best of our babies each year, we began producing really spectacular Normal Ball Pythons, the only morph available in the 1980’s. When we acquired our first pair of Albino hets from Bob Clark in 1995 (for a whopping $4500!), we had the most beautiful Normals to breed to them. Our first male Pastel (around $2000 - still a lot!), came from Greg Graziani in 2001, and again proved our theory of the importance of a really clean, bright female Normal for breeding. The prettier the normal, the more contrast the Pastel baby she produces will have. Our Pastels have vibrant yellows, with almost no bleeding into the darker background. We have continued to select the best breeding stock, and today, many generations later, our double, triple and quadruple morphs reflect this early dedication to quality.

Complimenting our dedication to breeding only the best animals, is our hands-on, day-to-day involvement with their care. From the moment the egg pips, to the day the male is ready to breed and the female is laying her own eggs, they have received individual, daily attention from George. He knows what every one of our snakes needs, from their feeding preferences and housing requirements, to which ones are curious and outgoing, to those who just want to be left alone to hang out in their hide boxes. (Even our females with their very first clutches are comfortable with George removing their eggs!) In addition, we raise all of our own rats and mice on a diet scientifically designed to provide them with optimum nutrition for reproduction and healthy offspring. Thus, we can meet the exact nutritional needs of each snake from hatchling through adulthood.

With George’s knowledge of breeding, in 2007 we introduced our first new morph, called the Vesper. Since then, we have produced another new morph called the Mordor. Our articles have all the details!

Check out the historical photos below! From left, George with one of his Burmese Pythons, around 1980; George teaching in 1969; Amy, age 4, and her sister Tammy, age 3, with an Indigo snake; and on the right, a more recent photo of Amy with her jumper, Galant.

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The Vespers, George and his daughter, Amy